TKOSEO Success Stories – It all started with a rapid phone call, from a very distraught website owner. The “Google Slap” had occurred. Anybody that has seen the penalties of getting a website de-indexed in Google, understands the extreme problems this creates. Now, after David laid out a complete process of site navigation redesign, on site optimization, social media integration and code optimization, in six months the site went from 0 Google search traffic, to well over 3.2 Million PageViews a month. – During one of our Internet Training Seminars, a retired electrician, by the name of Terry approached us about a website that he owned. After our initial assessment, we realized that the website was a disaster. We totally did a makeover for the website and setup higher converting revenue generating systems. From this redesign, has generated some serious “coinage”. Currently they rank #1 for the majority of the “electrical” keywords online. – After a rising natural remedy company contacted us, we realized that this would be a unique marketplace. We would be bringing a new product to a market that was not firmly established online. After launching the campaigns, and establishing a baseline for product conversions, we were able to increase conversions by well over 50% and generate a significant amount of traffic. Currently ranked on the first page of Google for “Drug Detox” and climbing. – We always love a good challenge! Being approached to dominate a Local niche as competitive as the bankruptcy niche is one that was going to be enjoyable. After laying out a complete competitive analysis, we got to work and now the site is ranking in the top 2 of all of their major keywords and this was with only optimizing their local listings. – He built a website and rolled it right into a #1 Google ranking. In under one year, “Radar” Roy’s expertise and efforts created a highly successful “niche” online work from home business, and turned a financially struggling husband and wife team into a pair of millionaires who now enjoy multiple new homes, a $250,000 motor home, and a private airplane. – When Jim Jenkins became Roy’s client, he was making faux rock features in his garage. Roy developed Jim’s online marketing and search engine optimization strategy that launched his website(s) into the top position in his niche. Jim’s biggest sale came when Home Depot offered him a contract to be their preferred vendor. In just seven months Jim had to move his business into a large warehouse and hire 70 employees just to keep up with orders. – Another successful online “niche” business at the top of Google. If you have forklifts for your business, you need your operators to be certified for OSHA standards. Everyone searching for this need online will find Tom Wilkerson’s company. Within a few months, Roy Reyer helped to boost the company’s sales and conversions by 50%. Now, Tom Wilkerson does more than enjoy a multi-million dollar business that does approved online training to certify forklift operators. He enjoys more time with his family, is able to take fun and relaxing fishing trips, and enjoy the good life much more than his online competitors. – After Roy “retired” from internet marketing, he still had a large following of people who remembered him from the “good ole days.” From this following, Roy decided on launching a website to provide quality reviews of Radar Detectors. In 2 short months, Roy has created a website and online presence that is on the first page of Google for the main keyword “radar detector reviews.” As the saying goes….”the saga continues…” – Roy Reyer and David Evans partnered up to provide quality Search Engine Optimization training online. Currently the site is ranked #1 the keyword SEO Training, going up against the biggest “guru’s” in internet marketing. Together they are launching one of the largest video based internet marketing programs online. Stay tuned for soon to be released training programs.