Social Media

While Internet Marketers have frequently gained control over their brands in the complex online world, social media has fundamentally changed that control over to the consumers. Social media is the most complex arena for a brand to control, it makes contact with every aspect of communications; marketing, branding, press, customer service, analytics, reputation management and so much more.

Social media makes it necessary for a new approach to help brands control and manage social interactions across their community. TKO Marketing will guarantee that with our capable team and years of experience, we can put together a complete roadmap for your social media needs.

We will create the best system…so your brand can have the best social presence.

Social Media can take on many forms from simple social profiles creation to full blown management and engagement strategy. Although the intensity and frequency of your social media campaign is individual to each case, on thing can not be discounted and that is that every online business needs a social presence in today’s marketing landscape.

We offer three different levels of social media strategies:

1. Social Media Profile Creation- Custom social profiles setup- Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn Google +, or any of the other numerous social profiles that may be applicable and appropriate for your product and niche.

2. Basic Social Media Management – Communication strategy for all major social profiles, designated social media manager to handle engagement and interaction with your social followers on a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on your needs.

3. Full Social Media Management- Social traffic generation strategy, integration with other media, ROI analysis, full management of Google +, Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any of the other numerous social profiles that may be applicable and appropriate, designated individual to manage all communication and engagement with your social following – details on this strategy. to be discussed on case by case basis
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