Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization will be the back bone of your entire Internet Marketing campaigns.  This will be a constant strategy that will grow along with your success.  Your SEO strategy will include not only the on-page optimization but also off page campaigns as well.

Your strategy will be based on a “white hat” anti-spam approach.  This will allow for your business to become a worthwhile and long term strategy.

Our SEO team has seen great success in playing by the rules, but doing it as quick and effective as possible.

SEO Approach

Phase 1 – Planning Stage

A complete SEO strategy requires a full brainstorming session with your team to fully understand what expectations that you may have.  We will complete a full review of your current campaigns and results.

Phase 2 – Reviewing Assets

Our goal is to establish a full list of internet properties that you have established.  This will allow us to structure a hierarchy to your current Internet Marketing campaigns.

Phase 3 – On Page Optimization

This is where it becomes technical.  Your site needs to become a fast loading, easy to read website.  Not only does your visitors need to be able to use your website the search engine robots need to be able to understand your website.  We do a complete review and optimization of your website.

Phase 4 – Offsite Campaign Strategy

Every campaign that you have online will need to be reviewed and optimized.   Social Media properties, email campaigns, video marketing, rss feeds and etc will be monitored and optimized.

Phase 5 – Analyzing Tracking and Optimizing

After your sites and campaigns are optimized, we establish a complete tracking and optimizing system.  This will allow you to constantly keep your campaigns up to date and running at full capacity.