Reputation Management

There are 3 kinds of online reputation services, they are:

1. Reputation Insurance

2. Reputation Management

3. Crisis Management


1. Reputation Insurance is the process of executing a purposeful and intended reflection of something or someone to the “internet”. This is achieved by influencing and shaping the organic or natural search, paid advertising, and social communication properties online so that what is reflected on the internet is the desired image and message, consistent with your brand and identity.

2. Reputation Management is watching and manipulating what “the internet” says about an individual or a company’s products, services. It is the active engagement between a company or individual with others. This includes clients, potential clients, employees, friends, family…etc.

3. Crisis Management is the necessary response in reaction to a negative and harmful event that appears on the Internet. This requires an immediate, skillful, and well thought out set of actions deployed over the Internet in order to manage the information crisis at hand.

It is not a question of if, but when you will need 1 or all 3 of these in your personal and professional life.

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