Professional Website Audit

Professional SEO Audit

Are you needing an expert opinion? Has Google Penguin caused your website to loose its rankings?

This is not the time to give up! You can climb back to the top of Google. Your site can be Google Safe!

Tip: By implementing our findings, your website can achieve success again.

Why Choose TKO Marketing?

We have provided professional search engine optimization services to businesses just like yours for many years. We know that only the best service and job fulfillment will meet your specific needs.

We have reviewed 100's of sites in almost every type of market. eCommerce, Lead Generation, Small and large website, Brick and Mortar Businesses, News sites, Blogs and everything in between.

We specialize in making sure that your Audit is for your specific website and market. It is personalized and uniquely built around your site.

Previous Success Story!

Gail Wright

Healthcare Mobile Computing Technology Sales

David Evans is an excellent business person in whom you can trust not only as a person but someone that you can trust with guiding you in the right direction with your business! He is very knowledgeable and detailed oriented. His expertise with SEO strategies and building your online presence is superb!

1 Hour Consultation with Recorded Playback

Not only will you receive a complete PDF report of the Google Penguin SEO Audit, you will also receive a 1 Hour Consultation reviewing all of the findings and a Game-Plan for your future success!

Your SEO Audit Total Package

Professional SEO Audit

You can have a professional SEO company review your website and provide you with a complete detailed report on all of the significant issues on your site. Over 200 different factors reviewed.

Complete Game-plan

You will also receive a complete game-plan on what you need to do to get your website back to the top of Google. Hot Lists, Content Strategy, Conversion Optimization and so much more...

1 Hour Consultation

You will spend 1 hour with us as we go through your website and review all of our findings. This 1 hour recorded consultation will answer all of your questions and get you on your game-plan to success!

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