Have you ever wondered if a highly profitable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign was possible?

Well wonder no more.  You can finally understand what it takes to have a PPC campaign that isn’t wasting money.

We advertise using Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook, Microsoft adCenter, and other Paid traffic sources.  The good news is that with Pay-Per-Click you can compete for any market online.  Even the “little guy” can compete.

PPC Campaign Development

As you well know there are a lot of “gurus” that teach paid advertising methods.  However, it takes a dedicated skill and time management to create and maintain pay-per-click campaigns.  We specialize in creating revenue generating campaigns base wholly on your bottom line.

We focus on:

  • Quality Keywords – We focus in on only the highest converting and cost effective keywords.  You can stop wasting money on the thousands of keywords that are not converting and focus in on what make you MONEY!
  • Professionally written Ad Copy – We constantly will be creating split test of ad copy and guaranteeing that you have only the highest performing ad.
  • Conversion Tracking – The only way that we can monitor your success it to have complete tracking not only in the ad campaign but also on the website.  This will give us instant ROI and cost per sale/lead information.  Without this you can never truly understand if your campaigns are profitable.

PPC Campaign Management

Our highly trained staff will monitor and manage all of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Services will include:

  • Keyword Collection and Monitoring
  • Campaign System Optimization
    -Keyword optimization, additions, and Negative Keywords
    -Monitoring and adjusting keyword maximum cost per click
    -Split-testing of ad copy
    -Testing unique landing pages
    - “Quality Score” monitoring and constant improving

Please call 1-800-SEO-9509 for you Personal Pay Per Click Review!