Conversion Optimization

TKO Marketing, LLC will be performing a total website optimization and testing of the website. This will include all on page optimization, conversion optimization, split testing, funnel analysis, and conversion tracking. Our goal is to isolate all of the profitable areas of the site and further increase conversion rates and traffic to those pages.

Required: Full access to website, Google Webmaster Tools, Adwords and Analytics Account information. Also click-tracking/heat-map software will be required.


These are some items you can expect from our Conversion Optimization Solutions:

Tracking And Analysis - Reviewing and verifying all tracking systems. Also making sure that all required tracking systems are in place to provide actionable data.

Traffic Review and Optimization - Constant Review of all traffic and referral sources to find high converting traffic and possible niches to test advertising and targeting.

Product and Fill Form Performance - Analyzing and mapping systematic tests to increase product and fill form performance. Also ‘rank’ best to worse performing products based off of conversion and profitability or desired advertising goals.

Testing Process and Scheduling - Create a timeline for each individual test. Not only for test launch but for review and analysis to guarantee testing success. Provide testing results in actionable form, to decide on continuing tests.

Usability Testing - Create a visitor usability chart. This will show us how the typical visitor is buying the specific products. We will work on making this as simple as possible. This a backwards approach to what is typical. We will reverse the purchasing users interaction on the site.

Split Testing and Multi Variant Testing - Create testing concepts and ideas for your team to implement. Will be everything from content ideas to graphic/layout ideas. Monitor tests to guarantee improved conversions.

Project Management - Create constant communication and guidance throughout the entire process. Provide consistent analysis and data throughout all testing phases.

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