Have you been looking for an explanation to your internet marketing campaigns?

Well, you have finally found your solution.  We specialize in SEO consulting and full search engine optimization services to help you and your team keep current with your internet marketing campaigns.  We create specific consulting programs to provide you with a greater ability to dominate the search engines.

We offer consultation services to any size business, person or corporation that works within your budget.

“Radar” Roy Reyer has over 15 years of experience in Internet Marketing as the CEO of his own company Radarbusters. This ecommerce company was an amazing success, which Roy recently sold to a major national company for several million dollars.

David Evans is also a full time Internet Marketing specialist with many years experience.  He is a certified adwords professional, analytics, and optimization expert.

Our team also includes every other area of expertise that you need.  This allows us to provide a complete consultation package for your needs.

Our Internet Marketing Consultation programs include:

  • Analyzing your web site structure and its potential
  • Discovering any problems you’re existing website might be hiding
  • Learn to quickly and easily correct those problems.
  • Social Media Strategy and Setup
  • Reputation Monitoring and Management
  • Complete Funnel Analyzing and Guidelines
  • …and much more

Please call 1-800-SEO-9509 for you Personal Consultation Immediately!

60 Minute SEO Telephone Evaluation

During this one hour review of your website, Our team will provide you with complete strategies and optimization tips that you can immediately implement on your website to help increase its ability to be “search engine friendly”. Our 60-Minute SEO phone consultation is scheduled at a pre-arranged time so we can call you and review your site. No advance research or analysis is included with this consultation.

The 60 Minute SEO Phone Evaluation can usually be scheduled within 7 – 14 days from when payment is received. The fee for 60 minutes on the phone to review your website is $300.

Detailed Search Engine Optimization Phone Consultation and Report

For a complete review of your website, consider using our SEO Site Evaluation. This is a detailed and in-depth phone consultation with information on:

  • Keyword Research and phrases for achieving highly searched results
  • Creating high quality keyword rich website content
  • Deciding what Titles and Meta tags to use to get better click-throughs
  • Site Sculpting to maximize your Tier 1 pages
  • How to improve and better track your Pay-Per-Click campaigns

This is not some evaluation run by some software package you could go out and purchase yourself. This is a thorough hand evaluation and analysis accomplished by carefully studying your:

- Keyword phrase selections

- Web Site Design

- Keyword Rankings Report

- Linking Structure Authority

- Competitive Analysis

- Commercial Intent of Your Market

- We do a complete website review before our call

When we talk, you are encouraged to have your website designers, developers, marketers, or any other personnel you feel may benefit from the SEO consultation on the phone.

We are also always happy to answer any additional SEO questions you may have.

In-depth phone calls can usually be scheduled within 14 business days after payment is received. The fee to review your site and the phone consultation and .pdf report is $3500.

SEO Consulting Retainer Program

If you believe your SEO needs will require more than a single hour to discuss, both Roy and Ginette are available on an hourly or monthly retainer basis. If you have ongoing SEO issues or are interested in phone-based SEO training, this option may prove to be a better value overall than the one-hour phone consultations described above .

Monthly SEO Retainer Plan – Ongoing Phone Consultations (3-month minimum contract.)

For a $4,500 retainer fee (paid in advance), you will receive email and phone consulting with Roy and David at your convenience.

This option is perfect for:

  • New SEO companies who are just starting out trying to get clients
  • Advertising or Web Design companies responsible for multiple client sites and who require quality SEO advice for each
  • Corporations who don’t have an in-house SEO person on staff
  • Companies that need ongoing internet marketing training and consultation
  • Individuals who need a full internet marketing campaign and strategy

Having Roy, David and their team on retainer is like having your personal in-house SEO consultant to continually review your progress and evaluate your site throughout the entire campaign. They will offer verbal or written ideas on how you can improve your SEO programs, your internet Marketing proposals, your monitoring and tracking reports to clients, or how your own sites can be improved for the search engines and your site visitors.

Have a quick Internet Marketing question? With Roy and David on retainer you can call or email them at any time during business hours and receive an immediate answer. If they are not immediately available when you call, they generally will call you back within 24 hours (if not sooner).

Private In-House SEO Consulting and/or Training

Roy, David and other members of TKOSEO are also available to come to your office and personally consult with your IT and/or Marketing team in order to answer their search engine optimization questions.

  • In-house SEO Consulting starts at $1500 per day, plus expenses
  • In house SEO Training starts at $7500 per week plus expenses for our Team. Additional student discounts apply based on the number of expected students.
    • 1 – 3 Individuals – Regular Tuition Fee
    • 4 – 6 Individuals – 10% off Regular Tuition Fees
    • 7 – 9 Individuals – 15% off Regular Tuition Fees
    • 10+ Individuals – Call 800-SEO-9509 to discuss