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TKOSEO, based in Morristown AZ, USA, was founded in 2009 by David Evans and Roy Reyer, where its SEO Training operation (SEOTrainingsw.com) is located.

Seotrainingsw.com has been training industry professionals, agencies, and individuals for the past seven years with videos and on-site workshops that bring integrative and innovative approaches to SEO campaigns focusing on maximizing efficiency, cutting costs, and executing successful multi-channel online marketing campaigns with its core competency being SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEOTraningsw.com maintains ongoing partnerships with its students and experts they have trained by providing a steady flow of fresh HD video clips answering questions relating to updates, changes and innovations happening within the SEO industry, and strategies for successful online marketing campaigns.

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TKOSEO Management Staff



David Evans

There is an old Aesop quote that states “After it is all said and done, there is more said than done.” This statement is what drove David Evans, CEO of TKO SEO, to reverse this trend in Internet Marketing and to create an action filled Search Engine Optimization business.

Having an early background in aviation, David pursued the commercial aviation industry and soon became a Commercial Instrument Rated Pilot, but he soon found that this was not enough. He continued his love of aviation and before long was a FAA Certified Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Flight Instructor, training other young pilots in the principles of flight, so that they could also achieve their dreams of flying. David’s pursuit of the principles of flight and aerodynamics translated to developing a unique mathematical approach to his business life.

How Competing on Analytics changed the way we do internet marketing. In today’s online marketplace, there are a massive amount of companies competing for the same real estate. As Google becomes more and more advanced, they continually minimize the amount of competitors that are able to complete for the same market. For Google this drives revenue up, however, for businesses it increases their marketing budget exponentially.
Understanding this principle TKOSEO has developed a completely analytical approach as to how to help businesses dominate a market. Without having a firm grasp of the playing field, it is impossible to project a solid online marketing campaign.

David has created a masterful analytical approach to dominating a market, and coupled together with his Flight Instruction background, he is able to create simple step-by-step checklists enabling companies world-wide to dominate their niche markets through both custom built, customer matched website building and expert SEO.

Certified in Google Adwords, and a Google Analytics and Google Optimizer Expert, David has pushed the envelope of how business can reach their maximum potential online.


ROY REYER, CEO of Training Division

Roy ReyerRoy Reyer believes stories become legends and he is living proof. He never calls himself an internet guru… he doesn’t have to… plenty of others call him a well-rounded Search Engine Optimization expert.

He’s made millions of dollars online for himself and for clients with websites that rank well in the search engines and sell well to their visitors. Roy is also a certified advanced SEO instructor with the prestigious Search Engine Academy, covering both the Arizona and Las Vegas regions.

For 20 years he worked as a cop enforcing the law, and protecting the lives of others, often risking his own life to do it. Reyer was called Lieutenant in the Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office for eight of those years. In another five year period, he was called “rabbit” by the dangerous motorcycle gangs he successfully infiltrated as an undercover narcotics officer.

In 1985, Reyer was with a team working on an undercover online bulletin board to catch credit card hackers. As the sting grew successful, he recognized drugs were also involved. This led Reyer into becoming the first undercover police officer to purchase drugs online [documented by the FBI]. Yes, this is years before Google existed.

Goodbye Gun and Badge. Hello Internet Marketing.
Now he puts Google on the Run!

After he retired as a lawman in 1997, Roy Reyer pursued his passion for computers. In the early days of the internet, it cost about $1000 a month to get online from his home in rural Wickenburg, Arizona. He worked overtime and designed websites to pay for it. Roy quickly made that investment of time and money worthwhile.

He was making a few thousand dollars a month online until he hired an SEO firm that didn’t tell him they used “spammy” tactics. Reyer’s website got banned by Google and his sales dropped to zero.

Getting Lower Online Rankings Led Him Higher, Much Higher. Being an ex-cop, Roy felt he should have known better and he enrolled in the Search Engine Academy. He was determined to learn all he could as quickly as he could, and constantly keep fingers on the internet pulse. By taking swift action, he learned his lesson and many more. When a #1 ranking on Google came to Roy in just four months after being banned, his online scorecard for radar detectors grew faster than the speeding customers who were lined up to buy from him.

Sales came easily. He sold you a persona. He sold “Radar Roy.” He sold an ex-cop and expert. He sold a guy who was nice enough to cross over from being “the man.” He shared knowledge and recommendations directly with his “Perfect Customer.” His message created their “Fantasy Result” of not getting speeding tickets. And … “oh by the way, if you had interest in buying a radar detector,” Reyer’s Radarbusters network of 45 websites would also be nice enough to sell you exactly what you needed building for himself a multi-million dollar online empire and totally dominating an industry.

In 2007, after years of never being able to pass “Radar Roy,” one of his competitors, Netshops, Inc., purchased Reyer’s empire for millions more than Reyer requested. Netshops insisted “Radar Roy” stayed on as their consultant. Amazingly today, his presence dominates the top of the search engine rankings despite having been bought out. Thirty online business owners immediately called Reyer pleading with him to take over their Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing campaigns, when they realized he had sold his business.

Reyer and Evans partnered to provide quality online Search Engine Optimization training. Currently their training site is ranked #1 the keyword “SEO Training” (www.seotrainingsw.com, www.seoroadmap.com) going up against the biggest “guru’s” in internet marketing. Together they are launching one of the largest video based internet marketing programs online.

Because of Roy’s love of people, entrepreneurs and business in general, he remains committed to helping clients achieve their dreams through building of “Google friendly” websites imprinted with the very best expert SEO practices. Reyer does this by using internet technology and with his commanding knowledge of how it works, keeping abrease of the constantly changing search landscape. Reyer not only helps with the backend SEO, but is a fabulously sought after trainer.


Steven Ferrino, Chief Technical Officer


Steven FerrinoSteven Ferrino has been developing websites since Google was founded, aka 1998. His ability to take a design and make it functioning work of internet art has made him a valuable part of many design projects. 

Working directly with Roy Reyer at SEO Training SW, has allowed Ferrino to integrate SEO & SEM with his development knowledge, giving him a unique skill set that allows him to find, and fix, problems with websites that keep them from performing as good in the search engines as they could.

Ferrino’s primary focus is On-Site SEO that helps websites function better in the search engines. He also functions as a trainer for the technical aspects of the SEO Trainings, ex: code development, schema markup, and conversion optimization.
Recognitions include a 2010 Nomination for the prestigious Webby Awards as recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for his website Token Rock (http://www.tokenrock.com). Ferrino’s specialties include PHP / MySQL internet applications, SEO & SEM, Flash & ActionScript, and FreeBSD / Linux Server Management.


Bruce Safran, Chief Information Officer


Bruce SafranBruce Safran, whose experience and skills have led to the growth and successful sale of multiple companies including a medical supplies company that sold for over $30 million, brings sales development, project management, and superior client relations skills to the expanding TKOSEO management team.

Bruce spent 10 years creating his own proprietary solutions and methods to propel his empire of Internet properties to success. He founded and developed Shopmeds in 1999 which was quickly acquired for 30 million dollars. Bruce is an in internationally renowned speaker, delivering information on topics such as business systems for success, theming web sites and Google’s co-occurence matrix, affiliate marketing and beyond search engine marketing to name a few.

He has over 30 years of business, investment and securities, Internet and entrepreneurial experience. He is the creator of many successful Internet applications and products, including Traffic Genesis.

Specialties: He is an acknowledged search engine optimization expert and is a certified master of the Krakken, vertical market analysis system.


Kenny Stevens, VP of Sales


Kenny StevensKenny Stevens’ role at TKO Marketing is in Client Relationship Management, Sales Pipeline strategies, Lead Generation and Outbound Marketing. Coming from a background of working alongside CEO’s and Business Owners to develop and explode their conversion strategies, he has successfully increased startup companies and multi-million dollar corporation’s revenue by focusing on consumer buying patterns and psychology.

For well over a decade and a half, Kenny Stevens has worked with Retail, Telemarketing, Direct to Consumer, Wholesale and Distribution channels, with small business all the way up to Fortune 50 corporations, including the Federal Government and the Department of Defense. His understanding of the diversity of markets and their consumers has helped establish local, National and International business channels for his past employers and clients.

After playing around with web design for around 15 years, Kenny Stevens stepped into the realm of Niche marketing through SEO, Email Marketing and content optimization in 2008 as a way to study consumer behavior and to increase lead generation for local and global organizations. He used the information to grow a network of targeted sites that generated additional revenue for clients, his own business and employers alike.

While working in the business-to-business world, Kenny understands the importance of shining a light on key problem areas, and providing solutions that were able to be turned into a profit center for those businesses.

Marrying all of these elements together, (understanding of business needs, marketing and consumer behavior) Kenny Stevens is uniquely qualified to help you understand the “why” the “how” and the “when” to increase your business and revenue. Alongside the well-respected and highly awarded Team at TKO Marketing, your online business strategies and new client growth have never been in better hands.


Training, SEO Services

Together Roy Reyer, aka “Radar Roy” a dominant force in the radar detector niche and an Advanced SEO Instructor for the prestigious Search Engine Academy, and David Evans, the visionary driving force behind TKOSEO, have individually achieved huge successes in search engine optimization. They have built their experience and knowledge base via innovative face-to-face workshops; webinars; individual training; ongoing trainings; SEM, PPC and web campaigns; website builds; web, competitor and keyword analysis; and by keeping pace with the frequently changing landscape in the Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking criteria, algorithms updates and new protocols.

Together, these fearsome four TKOSEO experts represent over 1,000 successful SEO campaigns and clients whose expectations have been not only met, but also exceeded. TKOSEO’s mission is to bring several hundred client projects from around the globe onboard and build an extensive book of successful and mutually beneficial relationship with business owners and affiliate experts.

TKOSEO can provide clients with clear, custom matched web strategy and ranking recommendations mined from the full cache of accumulated wisdom from all previous trainings, attendees, current and past projects to provide the best solution to the clients’ current issues and desired goals.