Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0 is coming in the next few weeks. Penguin 2.0 will add another filter to Google’s algorithm, which will look at the neighborhood that your site is in. Last year Penguin started to look at the quality of sites that linked to your site, now Penguin 2.0 will look at both sites that you link to and that link to you, as well as the the sites that those sites link to.

  • Anchor Text: Penguin will look at sites that are over-optimized with too many text links pointing to the site.
  • Link Relevancy: how closely related are the sites that link to your site? If the niches are completely unrelated, it will devalue the links.
  • Authority: make sure that sites linking to you have high domain and page authority. The number of links will now matter less, but the quality of the links will be more important.
  • Link Graph/Trust: Google will start devaluing sites whose only purpose to pass authority.
  • Link Velocity: do you add links at a steady rate?
  • Traffic of Links: Google may now be able to look at how much traffic is coming through each of the links to your site, and will devalue the ones without traffic.

3 comments on “Google Penguin 2.0
  1. Ron Weber says:

    David, great presentation. Will be interesting to say how this shakes out over the coming weeks. Thanks for the great insights..!

  2. Follow up on the past videos does give some introspection as to what we should have been considering and doing in order to stay ahead of the game or at least up to bat. (Cardinals keep going!)

    Also a good review to give yourself some insight and review of the history and future expectations.

    Thank you David.

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