Why hire an SEO Consultant?

With the steady growth and popularity of SEO services and the industry as a whole, business decision makers are often left wondering if it is better to outsource SEO service or to conduct them in-house. Although we specialize in SEO Campaign Management services and SEO Consultation, we are not here to brainwash you into thinking your absolutely need our services in order to be successful. The reality is that there are many ways you can achieve the SEO results your business needs, the issue we recommend decision makers to consider is one of opportunity cost when it comes to search engine optimization consulting or campaign management services:.
Here are some important questions to consider when deciding on an SEO firm to handle the management or consultation of your SEO campaign, in comparison to utilizing an in-house resource for this important task:

• Do I have a clear understanding of what it takes in the form or time, energy and resources in order to achieve favorable SEO results for my business, product or service?
• Do I have the proper resources available to dedicate to the goal of achieving professional SEO results?
• Do I know which people or departments of my company will need to work in unison to achieve positive SEO results?
• Can I depend on the various departments or individuals to work together to achieve this goal?
• Who will be held accountable for the results from implemented SEO strategies and ideas?
• Do I have the time and resources in order to accommodate the learning curve of an in-house SEO person?
• How will I acquire the information I need in order to implement effective SEO strategies to my existing site?
• Once the information is available, who will implement the strategies and initiatives to my site?
• How will I measure the effectiveness of implemented strategies and ideas?
• Will it cost me less to obtain reliable information from a reputable SEO Consulting firm or by my own means?
• Do I believe I can achieve similar results from an in-house resource as compared to a professional SEO firm?
• Am I a risk taker? (Do ya’ feel lucky?)

These are some of the questions we recommend asking yourself when comparing the opportunity costs associated with an in-house resource, or outsourcing for SEO Consultation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our company is located in sunny Arizona; we are a team of professional SEO Marketing Consultants eager to take on challenges and to help you succeed.

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